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  • Notification of Acceptance of papers will be send by June 05, 2012


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    Call for papers

    The Second eWorld Forum, 2012 is being convened by Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd and the Centre for Science Development and Media Studies (CSDMS). With the overarching theme ‘Governance in the Information Age’, the Forum would place issues of current and emerging importance in e-Governance under a global spotlight, with participation of high-level policy makers, practitioners, solution providers, thought leaders, academicians and members of the larger civil society from across the world.

    It is our pleasure to announce the call-for-papers for the eWorld Forum 2012, ICT Conference and Exhibition.

    Abstracts/Papers should be sent to


    The paper can be based on any of the following themes:


    • Enterprise approach to e-Government initiatives | Policy Framework for e-Government
    • Localisation for e-Governance initiatives | Open Data and its impact on governance
    • Platform-agnostic government | Security of data and applications
    • Electronic delivery of services | m-Governance
    • Financial Inclusion | Digital divide and e-Governace
    • Gender divide and e-Governance | Bridging the rural-urban divide through e-Governance
    • Social media and its impact on government-citizen interface | Cloud as the next stage of government
    • Capacity Building for e-Governance | Environment friendly computing and the role of governance
    • Role of CIO in the government | Emerging Technology Trends in e-Governance
    • PPP in e-Government | Data Storage and Management
    • Smart Cards and Biometrics for better governance and targeted welfare | ICT in Public Services Delivery


    Resource management through e-Governance

    • Role of ICT in government procurement | ICT for price discovery of natural resources
    • ICT in Agriculture | ICT for soil analysis, cropping decisions
    • Better remunerative agriculture through ICT | Use of ICT for agricultural credit
    • Markets, consumers, producers and ICT | Insurance and Risk Mitigation Strategies using ICTs
    • Infrastructure Challenges and Solutions for Rural Communities | Food Security and ICT
    • India’s Demographic Dividend and ICT | Energy Security and ICT
    • Power IT | Improving energy efficiency through ICT
    • Better energy planning through ICT


    ICT for a better Urban Future

    • ICT for urban planning, monitoring and taxation | ICT in Urban Transport
    • ICT for better urban governance | Municipal services and ICT
    • E-City/e-District | Municipal accounting system
    • ICT in urban sanitation, water supply and waste management


    Submission Instructions
    eWorld Forum seeks original abstracts/proposals/presentations from individuals who demonstrate significant innovation in harnessing technology for transforming aspects of Governance and Healthcare for global ICT development.
    All papers must be submitted in electronic format (PDF format, word document) using the web-based submission in not more than 1500 words. Guidelines for abstract preparation are provided below and should be read carefully prior to preparing the abstract.

    Important Dates:

    Last date for Abstract Submission:  May 10, 2012

    Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts:  May 20, 2012

    Last date for Full Paper Submission:  June 01, 2012

    Notification of Acceptance of papers:  June 05, 2012

    Guidelines for submission

    Word limit for the abstract- 1500 words
    Word limit for full paper- 3000 words
    File format- Word Document or PDF
    Font style- Ariel or Times New Roman in a single column format
    Font size- 12 for paper
    Font size- 14 for title and authors
    Line spacing- 1.5

    Author Bio and Image 
    Authors are requested to submit a brief bio (describing their areas of interest and their present work areas) of about 100 words along with the abstract and an image (high resolution preferably 300 dpi) of the author/s.

    For consideration of your abstract, the following information must be sent along with the abstract:

        • Name, mailing address, phone, and e-mail of the first author;
        • Names and affiliations of the co-authors;
        • Complete contact information of the corresponding author if other than the first author;
        • Assignment of abstract category based on the topics that are provided.


    Figures and Tables 

    Figures, tables and images should follow the references. Please make sure that every table or figure is referred to in the text. The table or figure will be placed after the first mention in the text. Legends should be short, descriptive and define any acronyms, abbreviations or symbols used.

    Authors are requested to provide full color high-resolution images (preferably 300 dpi, jpeg image). The images should also be attached separately with the papers and properly referenced with the text.


    References to published works must be cited in text according to the author/date system and listed alphabetically as a separate appendix titled ‘References’ at the end of the manuscript.

    General Guidelines for Papers 

    The paper may be on accomplished research results, assessments of projects/work-in-progress or fresh concepts, preliminary research results.

    The paper should state clearly the objective of the project, motivation/need and context of the research/project, describe the methodology used, summarise key findings.

    Endnotes and footnotes should be kept to an absolute minimum. Substantive comments should be integrated within the text rather than placed in a note.

    Abstracts/Papers should be sent to

    We look forward to receiving your contributions and seeing you in eWorld 2012

    For Programme Enquiry, Contact:
    Manjushree Reddy,, +91 8860011088 | Sunil Kumar,, +91 8860635837

    For Business Enquiry, Contact:
    Ragini Shrivastav,, +91 88606 51650 | Shankar Adaviyar,, +91-93239 98881 | Puneet Kathait,, +91-78290 55833


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