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    Details of Applicant :

    Name : Ritu Maheshwari
    Address : 14/71 Civil Lines
    City : Kanpur
    State : Uttar Pradesh
    Country : INDIA
    Zip Code : 208001

    Details of Project/Implementing Agency :

    Name of Organisation : Kanpur Electricity Supply Company Limited
    Address : 14/71 Civil Lines
    City : Kanpur
    State : Uttar Pradesh
    Country : INDIA
    Zip Code : 208001

    Name of the head of Organisation : Ritu Maheshwari

    Website : http://urjamitra.kescoeye.co.in

    Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :

    Over the past one year lot of web enabled initiatives to facilitate better consumer services have been initiated in KESCO. Kesco’s web-self-service www.kesco.co.in  is the basic interface through which consumers have an access to these services.

    The services are as follows:

    1.Real time consumer-specific power breakdown, rostering, ,shutdown information to all consumers through webinterface www.kesco.co.in, as well as through via voice calls(in hindi) and sms (in english) on their phones through a unique IVR initiative called Urja Mitra http://urjamitra.kescoeye.co.in

    2. Real time updated  information of specific status of pendency/disposal of various consumer services is shown on web link http://kesco.co.in/docs/SingleWindowStatus.jsp of New electricity Connection, Permanent Disconnection and load enhancement upto 4 kw registered on single window centers at various division offices.

    3. Online registration of complaint can be registered through the link http://kesco.co.in/docs/Login1.jsp by logging in .

    4 Real time updated status of pendency/disposal of consumer complaints registerd online/on consumer call centre can be viewed on link http://kesco.co.in/docs/GenComplaintsStatus.jsp

    5. Facility to download  key tool “Bill Calculator” which enables consumers to have a ready kit on mobile which calculates electricity bill at any time on input of meter readings and dates.

    6. Online Bill views as well as Payment options are available for all category of consumers including HV consumers

    7. Link for electricity bill payment through mobile / landline phones by dialing kesco IVR service No : 0512 3934900

    8. Link for electricity bill payment through mobile phones by downloading the mobile enabled software through web link: www.atomtech.in/download.aspx. This is self guiding software for downloading as well as making electricity bill payment through mobile

    9. Facility to register mobile numbers to get benefit of various mobile based schemes in urja mitra, bill on SMS and reminders on  non payment of bill, single window services and complaints on call center.

    Why was the project started :

    Consumer satisfaction as far as power distribution company is concerned, is  a function of many parameters as detailed  below: (1)Effective supply maintenance (2)Timely breakdown information (3)Harmonious Business Relationship(4)Ease in bill payment (5) consumer grievance handling and (6)single window solution for New service connection, load change and PD

     To develop an interface between Kesco and the consumers the web enabling is the best source at the moment. Not only has it facilitated a sense of belonging amongst consumers it has also given them the know how about various new initiatives that kesco has Started in the recent past.

    Offered services which increase the degree of Interaction between government and citizens. Assessing two-way interaction services motivates government to advance from the informational stage, where government simply publishes information online (one-way interaction) and Citizens passively consume such information.


    This solution is providing services relevant to the consumer in a way that  the consumer can feel the nearness and care that we want to impart into their minds. The impact has been overwhelming as the number of people that have interacted till date are approximately 117000.That shows the number of persons interacting with us per month are more than 20000 through this web site. Consumer can hit the website for lodging complaints , making payments , knowing about bills ,seeing the status of new service connections, alert us about theft and can see  their own complaint status and also  give us feedback .They can also hit the website as a ready recknor for effective guidance and they can download all kind of forms free of cost. The use of web site for the services offered can be gauged by the statistics. LT consumer registration hits 4988, total number of HT(bulk) registration hits 17,total hits for feedback and complaints is more than 1000.

    We have tried to be a complete portal in a way that the approach has been as follows:

    (1).We keep our citizens completely literate by fetching the information about each aspect relating to electricity i.e. security, new service connection fee structure, tender news, telephone directory etc.

    (2)We are feeding the information about the status of consumer’s bill, the latest update on his bills. We also keep our consumers informed about their billing history etc.

    (3)We are updating our consumers regarding everything that is introduced new for them .

    (4)We are also updating them about the status of electricity failures feeder wise.

    On the basis of above facts it is clear that the portal of kesco is not only worried about the revenue realization but is also thinking about the welfare of its consumers by providing them information of supply status. because as a company we believe that

    Enhanced revenue generates funds for system up gradation facilitating consumer services and is thus itself a source of consumer satisfaction. On the other hand satisfied consumer is more eager to pay electricity bills and that again enhances revenue. Hence consumer satisfaction is important not only from their own perspective but also from the perspective of the organisation.

    Target group : Citizen of Kanpur City

    Geographical reach : As the services are world wide the reach naturally is worldwide

    Date from which the project became operational : 07/07/2011

    Is the Project still operational : YES

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

    • User friendly in design
    • light to load : which means that user will have the pages loaded in minimum time
    • resource center and consumer grievance redressal forum: about the consumer rights and services offered by kesco is available here.
    • Unique Services: .  KESCo provides user pertinent information to use their unique services through “Unique Services” link on WSS.
    • Mobile phone/IVR/ATM/Payment: shows latest payment facility that has been recently initiated
    • FAQ section: from where new consumer can get so many general questions related answers for their awareness.
    • Photo gallery: inputs new activities information to consumers
    • feedback: Regarding any suggestions consumers can sent his feedback to us vide the feedback head existing at the bottom of the page.
    • Theft Complaints: The site is also giving opportunity to its consumers to give us alerts about theft of electricity.
    • Web Self Solution is web audited for security and confidentiality by authorized web auditor Digital Age

    Highlight 5 achievements of the programme /project/ initiative

    1. Total number of hits since last july is overwhelming .The figure has touched to 125000. That shows the number of persons interacting with us per month are more than 20000 through this web site
    2. Highest level of interactiveness with consumers .Consumer using the links below can not only lodge ones complaints but he/she can also see the status of his complaints. The links are single window status complaint status and online complaint registration.
    3. The facility through which consumer is becoming aware about the supply position is unique. the available link is “live information of supply interruption”.
    4. we have online system for consumer billing and that is not web based .That means billing details were previously available to only specified people .But introduction of link “know your bill and consumption” has opened a new horizon for consumer as well as officials who do not have access otherwise to view the bill details of a particular consumer in our intranet work.
    5. The link about theft control has not only allowed us to have some definite news about thieving consumers but also given the consumers a sense of responsibility.

    Highlight 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme /project/initiative and how they were overcome?

     1.    The front page design: As the aim was to appear to be very interactive on the front  page itself it took us a while to finalise it . And then came this concept that  A folded hand is better than an empty hand and that is what kesco has been doing since last one year.

    2.    Two kind of problems were faced by us after introduction of consumer complaint link one where the officials themselves were reluctant to have complaint registered which later subsided itself as the proceedings took a pattern and secondaly the hoax complaint lodged by consumers which have lessend now.

    3.    The number of new initiatives:To upload these initiatives and to make them actally work on realtime basis has been a major challenge and has been overcome by constant work and regular updation of problems faced on day to day basis and providing inputs to solve those problems.

    4.    There were at least 2 agencies involved for initiatives related to making new headway for payment .i e for ATM payment one agency was for development and the other one which was fecillating ATM side work. To make them work in cohesion was a big task as well as to make sure that no loss occurred due to some bug in software was also a point of worry.This was also taken care off by constant vigil an supervision.

    5.    ATM Payment :This facility is only first time introduced in any utility The difference between other ATM transaction and here is that of reconciliation real time persiverance and patience paid off for rolling this facility .

    List 5 points on how the programme can serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    1. Acts as a News paper for the utility so as per need shall be replicated by others.
    2. As the web page is a page to serve the consumers ,can be replicated due to need.
    3. We are using the web self service for the online bill payment and other consumer services which are easy to replicate and are useful
    4. Apart from the above, the initiative has inbuilt feature of systemic sustainability which makes it a model to be replicated by others
    5. The Service is platform independent and can be used on any platform so easy to replicate

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative 

    1. The project was launched By Chairman and Managing Direction of UP Power corporation In Lucknow for the entire area that comes under KESCo catering to a population of 25 lacs and efforts are on to scale it up in other distribution companies.
    2. Ease of access
    3. Wide range of people covered
    4. Fast
    5. Less human Endeavour


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