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  • Project Category : Best Government Portal of the Year

    Details of Applicant :

    Name : Rabindra Narayan Behera
    Address : Odisha State Centre,Department of Electronics & IT, Ministry of CIT, Govt of India, Unit-4
    City : Bhubaneswar
    State: Odisha
    Country : India
    Zip Code : 751001

    Details of Project/Implementing Agency :

    Name of Organisation : National Informatics Centre
    Address :  Odisha State Centre,Department of Electronics & IT, Ministry of CIT, Govt of India, Unit-4
    City : Bhubaneswar
    State: Odisha
    Country : India
    Zip Code :751001

    Name of the head of Organisation : Susanta Kumar Panda

    Website :

    Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :

    In India District is the middle level administrative unit which co-ordinates with State and Union Government and provides various services to the citizens. Presently most of the Districts are having websites. The websites are yet to be built on a uniform structure to address the real citizen centric issues and interaction with cross platform agencies. To cater the solution a standardized district portal framework is released, which contains a solution towards e-Governance for districts with Odisha as pilot State. This initiative is based on the content architecture of the National Portal of India ( ) under NeGP. The contents and formats of the portal include; profile, geography, administrative setup, directory, peoples’ representatives, citizen Services such as acts and rules, e-forms, policies, enquiries, guidelines to get caste and domicile certificate, registration of documents, ration card, Right to Information. The content is contributed to the Portal using the user-friendly web-based CMS.

    Why was the project started :

    The current scenario is that the District websites are designed, developed, and maintained by the respective District Informatics Officer. This practice has resulted in use of different types of technology, design layouts, and navigation architecture etc. At times, citizen would need to visit multiple websites for a single service. Therefore, there was a need to standardize the district websites to bring uniformity in availability of information to common citizen.

    Objective :

    The Standardization District Portal initiative powerfully looks forward to a promising approach for reducing bureaucracy and increasing the access to quality of services. The basic objective of the District Portal is that a citizen can approach an e-Government Portal on his/her own terms and the browser will guide him/her through one or more steps, cutting transparently across agencies as needed to provide services. Standardization District Portal is a powerful tool that not only offers citizen services and information through a central point of access in cyberspace, but also offers downloadable forms, government documents, Legislative Acts/ Rules, services both transactional as well as informative through a unified and logically central portal. The Portal’s short term objective was to establish a one point source for availability of information about any Districts for the benefit of the citizens, businesses and other target audience.

    Target group :

    The Portal endorses Government-to-All interface (G2A) and primarily focuses on four categories of interactions. These are: G2C: Government to Citizen , G2B: Government to Business, G2G: Government to Government , G2E: Government to Employee

    Date from which the project became operational : 01/30/2011

    Is the Project still operational : YES

    Please Specify Reach Within India :

    Government sponsored Common Service Centres (CSCs) are available in all the Panchayats which provide internet access to the general public in rural areas. Internet cafes are available in urban areas which provide internet connectivity to the general public.

    Please Specify Reach Outside India :

    Anybody with a computer with internet connectivity can access the portal 24 X 7 basis.

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative :

    1. The Standardization of District Portal has been deployed in Multiple High end dual CPU Xeon Rack Servers with RAID storage mechanism which has a scalability both vertically and horizontally to add multiple logical units of resources.
    2. The application has been designed to handle steady traffic growth in addition to occasional peaks in traffic volumes by adopting modularity, session variables.
    3. A high degree of usability by citizens improves Government image because citizens find the application more effective, efficient and comfortable to use.
    4. To reduce resistance of the stakeholders and to help them to come out of the traditional phase, extensive counseling and handholding sessions were carried out.
    5. District Level website monitoring committee has been formed with Collector as chairman and District Information and Public Information Officer as Nodal Officer to carry out all the coordinating activities which ensures sustainability.
    6.Universal Accessibility.
    7. Distributed Content Management System.
    8. Data Security, Protection, trust, privacy, confidentiality and freedom for information.
    10. Portal Co-ordination Committee

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