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    Project Category : Best e-Governance Initiative using New Age Technologies

    Details of Applicant :

    Name : Rajan Raj Pant
    Address : Ministry of Science & Technology,Singhdurbar,KMC
    City :  Kathmandu
    Country :Nepal

    Details of Project/Implementing Agency :

    Name of Organisation : Office of Controller of Certification, Ministry of Science & Technology
    Address : Office of Controller of Certification,Kathmandu,Nepal
    City : Kathmandu
    Country :Nepal
    Name of the head of Organisation : Rajan Raj Pant
    Website :

    Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :

    Every digital signature has confidentiality, availability, integrity and non-repudiation. It is based on PKI infrastructure. In order to use the digital signature for online transaction for confidentiality, availability, integrity and non-repudiation the online application should be PKI enable application. It is costly to make each and every application PKI enable. Some of the application may not need the non-repudiation rather need of only authentication and availability in such case other alternative two factor authentication method such as OTP token could be used. It is not a smart management taking device for token separate and device for Digital certificate separate, hence we have initiate the PKI with OTP (One time password) and this is I think first time in world using the same token fr digital certificate as well as for OTP. And it could be either in smart card or USB token or smart phone.

    Why was the project started :

    Providing option to all the application as per their security and authentication requirement. Reducing the budget to develop application by giving choice to them for secure authentication in online transaction. Reducing to carry too many hardware tokens. One smart card or token apply for different authentication.

    Objective :

    Provide secure environment in online transaction in the country with the fulfillment of legal requirement by providing best authentication mentod and users and service provider can choose it.

    Target group : Citizens, Government, Banks and other online service providers

    Date from which the project became operational :  09/02/2012

    Is the Project still operational : YES

    Please Specify Reach Within India : All over the India with cross country authentication

    Please Specify Reach Outside India : All over the world with cross country authentication

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

    1. PKI with OTP in one Token
    2. Same Infra for Root and ICA

    List 5 achievements of the programme /project/ initiative :

    1. Control online Fraud
    2. Identify the people who commit the fraud
    3. Secure e-Transaction
    4. Growth of e-Government
    5. Easy for handling

    List  5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme /project/initiative and how they were overcome?

    1. Budget
    2. Co-ordination between govt. departments
    3. Awareness
    4. IT illiteracy  among policy makers
    5. Against the acceptance

     List 5 points on how the programme can serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    1. On budget compromise
    2. To reduce duplication of work
    3. Scale for authentication

     List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative:

    1. By appointing Registration Authority the same establishment could be used
    2. In one Token other identity could be accomodate

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