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    Details of Applicant :

    Name :  Chandan Sen
    Address : 8318, N W Block Secretariat, Jaipur, Rajasthan
    City : Jaipur
    Country : India
    Zip Code : 302020

    Details of Project/Implementing Agency :

    Name of Organisation : National Informatics Centre
    Address : National Informatics Centre, Collectorate Bundi Rajasthan
    City : Bundi
    Country : India
    Zip Code :323001

    Name of the head of Organisation : Smt Indu Gupta

    Website :

    Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :

    The PayManager Application has been developed with the objective to provide real time information related to Pay & allowances to employees at their own table. PayManager is the Pay Bill Preparation System which meant for the Employees of the Government of Rajasthan State. It provides the common and integrated platform to prepare the pay bills of the employees. The software is being used by almost all Drawing & Disbursing Officers covering around 5.27 Lacs Employees. The Software not only provides the facilities for Pay bill Preparation but also Preparation of DA Arrear, Bonus, Arrears and Leave encashment Bills. The unique features of the software include automated processing of payments by the way of downloading the files by banks using the digital signature authentication and uploading of information though digital signature authentication. It also provides facility for the generation of Softcopy with Different Bank formats for both the cases Intra bank transfer as well as NEFT format. It provides various reports which are helpful for administration. It uses unique codification pattern for Allowances and Deductions for the whole state. A Web based interface for the employees has also been provided. The main intent of nominating this software is ‘ A widely accepted and used software by over 17855 Drawing & Disbursing Officers covering 5.27 lacs Employees of the State with the facility of preparation of various type of Bills and with the features of generation of softcopies for further merging of the pay bill data in the treasuries for further analysis. It facilitated the Drawing & Disbursing Officers /Employees of the state for making the information on real time basis.’

    Why was the project started :

    The requirement was initiated as a part of Mission Mode project and information desired by Government of India for State Government employees on some specific parameters. Later on it was also felt that a unique common application may be prepared for the state which would helpful for the State Government administration to analyze the financial implications on part of Pay Allowances as well as facilitate the offices to prepare the monthly salary bills in a way that reduces the workload and ease the functionalities so as to make the bill preparation process faster and error free along with the provision of employees corner where employees may get their information without moving around the offices. It was also required that common and integrated application would also facilitate the departments to integrate the information into their existing application and would make electronic data transfer possible with banks so as to payment process would be smooth and fast. Also, there was no single database available which would cater the requirements of the state government in analyzing the information. PayManager Application made it possible to bring the entire employee’s information under the single umbrella. Therefore the creation of single database, Electronic transfer of salaries, Integration with Deduction departments, facilitate employees for their pay slips & Income tax statements, Catering State & Central Government requirements for MIS purpose and faster processing of bills were among the important reasons to initiate the project.

    Objective :

    Creation of Employees Database Electronic exchange of information with banks for faster payments Availability of Employees information on click for higher management Real time Employees information Elimination of Duplicity and repetitive processing Faster and error free processing of bills Facilitate individual for reports like Pay Slip, Income tax statement on the table Integration with various Departments MIS and DSS system for Administration.

    Target group : Finance Department

    Please specify reach within India:
    Rajasthan state & Delhi, India

    Please specify reach outside India: 

    Date from which the project became operational : 11/20/2011

    Is the Project still operational : YES

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

    1. Initiation of Salary payments though electronic mode using Intra bank transfer as well as NEFT. It is the first Application of the state where payment is being made through Electronic Transfer.
    2. Highly Secure as authentication is based on digital signature
    3. Complete Web Based online Application
    4. Wide spread user base covering all the employees of the state drawing salary from treasuries
    5. Real time information of Bill processing status for Drawing and disbursing officers
    6. Integration with Departments & Banks
    7. Unified Coding Pattern for Allowances & Deductions throughout the state
    8. Transfer of payments related to personal deduction/Cooperative directly to Banks through electronic mode as being the part of salary.
    9. Only computerized bill prepared through PayManager Application are entertained for payments in treasuries.
    10. Report formats were changed and brought under the size of A4 papers as earlier big 132 column papers were used for reports.

    List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

    1. Created IT culture in the state as Drawing & Disbursing Officers are spread across the state
    2. Standardization of Allowances and Deduction throughout the state
    3. Ensured faster and timely payments due to transfer of salary through electronic mode
    4. Integration of PayManager application with Treasury application leads to reduction in data entry & processing work at treasury end.
    5. Single web based application widely accepted across the state and being used by all Drawing & Disbursing Officers drawing salary through treasury

    List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative :

    1. To impart the training of the software. As the user were located widely geographically spread area, imparting training was a big challenge. Modern technology ‘training through VC’ mode was used. Also master trainers were prepared to impart training personally in the field.
    2. Users were not very much acquainted with the computer system. It required a lot of efforts to make them ready to use computers. Sophisticated user manual and brochure were prepared. Proper guidelines and instructions were circulated in the state. Users were made aware about benefits of using the computer systems.
    3. Identification of all the Allowances and Deductions given to Employees. Since Different department are being given varieties of allowance, it took lot of exercise to identify all the allowances. Workshops were organized with major departments to collect the information and making them unified. Uniform Codes were allotted to various allowances and deduction.
    4. Changes in the existing Performa’s. Several different formats were designed and presented in the workshops to finalize the Performa’s
    5. Development & Implementation of Uniform software for the large numbers of department was a major challenge. Several workshops were organized with department to study and freeze their requirements. Various prototypes were discussed with users.

    List 5 Points on how the Project/Program/Initiative can server as model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    1. The Project is rule based, simple and flexible that it can be replicated in any other State without involving the much cost of customization.
    2. The project uses unified coding pattern for allowances and deductions and are incorporated using the database. Therefore no change would require in the application and the same set may be used in the other states
    3. The Drawing & Disbursing offices are not required to incur any expenditure on the part of the technology as application is web based.
    4. Formula for calculating the allowances and deduction are stored in databases. Hence no cost is involved in customizing the base formula as it would not require change in application coding.
    5. Secure tested electronic exchange of information with banks also has a major advantage of using this application.

    List 5 Points to elaborate on the scalability of

    1. No Hard Code formula in the application has been used. All formula is database driven.
    2. Any numbers of Allowances and deductions can be added without making any change in the application.
    3. Dynamic reports used in the application make system more robust and scalable.
    4. Database tables have been used to present the menu items in the application which requires no change in the application while any addition is required.
    5. Complete rule based application with proper role makes the application more scalable.

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