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  • Project Category :
    Best G2G initiative of the Year

    Details of Applicant :

    Name : Rahul Dogra
    Address : B – 1/ H – 9, MCIA, Mathura Road, New Delhi
    City : New Delhi
    State : Delhi
    Country : INDIA
    Zip Code :   110044

    Details of Project/Implementing Agency :

    Name of Organisation : NIIT Technologies Ltd.
    Address : B – 1/ H – 9, MCIA, Mathura Road, New Delhi
    City : New Delhi
    State : Delhi
    Country : INDIA
    Zip Code : 110044

    Name of the head of Organisation : Shri Arvind Thakur

    Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :

    Intranet Prahari Project is essentially an Enterprise Wide Application Solution through NIIT Technologies Ltd for Border Security Force (BSF) where-in all major processes such as Finance, Inventory Management, Operations and           Personnel Information have been  automated and integrated to act as a robust and quick Decisions Support System          and for consolidated view of data by higher echelons for various analyses.

    Under this project, NIIT Technologies has set up two Data Centres, including the main Data Centre in the CGO  Complex, New Delhi, a Disaster Recovery Data Centre in Bangalore (in a different seismic zone), and 10 mini data centres at the frontier headquarters. Sufficient cyber security measures to ensure network security and to prevent data loss or pilferage have been incorporated. NIIT Tech has leveraged the   experience it has gained with the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to develop the ‘Intranet Prahari’ application for the BSF, using state-of-the-art technology. As part of the             Intranet Prahari project, NIIT Tech has undertaken the:

    •  Implementation of Infrastructure at 237 sites
    • Creation of DC & DRC and Creation of 10 Mini Data Centres
    • Creation of an enterprise-wide WAN
    • Development of the software application (Personal information system, Finance Management, Inventory Management, Operational Management)
    • Capture of Historic data
    • Rollout of Application and Technical trainings to more than 20,000 BSF employees at 237 sites

    Why was the project started :

    1. Assured the following attributes of information thereby Quick Decision making
      1. Timely Information
      2. Complete Information
      3. Correct information
      4. Decision Support System
    2. To integrate Multi-service Voice / Video / Data Network to manage information flow within the organization


    1. Timely & accurate information
    2. Speed of the approval process
    3. All Employees access Personal Data(salaries, arrears, pensions, family      pensions, etc.)  anytime anywhere
    4. Analysis of operational data for quick decision making
    5. A move towards paperless office

    Target group 
    : Jawans for day to day transactions and Sr. officers for Efficient and effective Decision making

    Please specify reach within India : PAN India Implementation at 237 locations

    Please specify reach outside India : None

    Date from which the project became operational : 30th December 2011

    Is the Project still operational

    Yes, the project has 7 years of O&M phase which includes 2 years of warranty and 5 years of AMC. Currently project is under 1st year of Warranty phase.

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

    1. Poster campaigns  and awareness workshops
    2. Sending regular mailers to generate awareness prior to rollout.
    3. Use of audio video clips for post rollout self-support.
    4. Centralized training help desk to support the trainers
    5. Rollout of E-note sheet and workflow to replace physical files.
    6. Personal data availability at kiosks.

    List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

    1. Email hosting for 2 Lac + personnel
    2. Service book digitized for 2 Lac + personnel
    3. DC / DRC setup and 10 mini data centres with high end & State of the Art Technology
    4. Creation of an enterprise-wide WAN
    5. Laying of approx. 800 KM of fibre

    List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative :

    1. Hostile terrain in Northeast and Kashmir – BSF helped us to provide security
    2. Providing connectivity at the remote areas (220+ locations)
    3. Difficult working conditions in Kashmir – work spread out and planned proactively.
    4. Digitizing Service Books/ Inventory Records at 237 locations – Have to persuade Local Management to provide assistance and verification in addition Sr. management support from BSF HO.

    List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    1. Programme Management Model of having one Programme Manager assisted by 4 Component Manager like:
      1. Infrastructure,
      2. Applications Software,
      3. Data Digitization,
      4. Training and Change Management and one Sr. Manager at each Frontier.
    2. A centralized portal to log all activities during project implementation at 237 sites to monitor progress.
    3. Timely appropriate/ involvement of BSF Sr. Management to facilitate Resources/ Priorities activities of BSF personnel resolving conflicts etc.
    4. Creating various process document and approval by BSF before any of the major programme component started.

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative :

    1. Centrally deployed Application architecture so it can be extended to more locations including 1400+ Border Out Post (BOPs) of BSF
    2. Storage, Blade server and other components are scalable
    3. Process of data digitization and training with content available and can be extended to new raising battalions.
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