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    Best ICT-enabled Urban Governance Initiative of the Year

    Details of Applicant :

    Name: Shivanand Kanavi
    Address: CMC House, C 18,Bandra Kurla Complex,Bandra (East),Mumbai
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    ZIP Code : 400051

    Details of Project/Implementing Agency:

    Name of Organisation: CMC Ltd
    Address: CMC House, C 18,Bandra Kurla Complex,Bandra (East),Mumbai
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India

    Name of the Head of Organisation: Mr.R Ramanan

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    Why was the project started?

    KSRTC(Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) in its effort to support the overall Public Transport Strategy has intended to implement the Intelligent Transport System, to deliver high quality services in pursuit of providing a sustainable public transport network to meet the aspirations of the traveling public through appropriate use of ICT.


    KSRTC wants to improve its capability in managing the entire public transport system in Mysore, Karnataka more efficiently, safely and be more commuter and environmental friendly. This can be achieved by introducing real time communication interlinked with buses, passengers inside the vehicle, at bus stations and at bus-depotsas well as KSRTC Management by implementing Intelligent Transport System. The core objectives of deploying Intelligent Transport System in the city of Mysore is to provide user information, monitor system operations, ensure compliance to schedules and service quality, minimize revenue leakages, reduce costs, enhance safety and also to generate valuable traffic information for fine-tuning mobility plans.

    Target Group: The key target group is the travelling public. This project will ensure the delivery of a safe, fair, reliable and environmentally-friendly public transport system for the citizens of Mysore, Karnataka.

    Please Specify reach within India : The Intelligent Transport System Project to be implemented at Mysore City addresses the critical issue of road congestion by offering state-of-art technologies and attractive, convenient, comfortable, value added services to encourage the usage of bus services against individual personal vehicles. This project is planned to cover 500 Buses, 105 Bus Stops, 6 Bus Terminals and 45 Platforms having the components of Vehicle Tracking System, Central Control Station, Passenger Information Management System, Communication Sub System, Travel Demand Management, Incident and Emergency Management System, Operational and Maintenance Specification and Fleet Management System.

    Please Specify reach outside India : This has potential for replication globally to ensure maximum utilization of public transport and ensure greener environment.

    Date from which the project became operational : The projectis in rollout phase with full fledged operations commencing from August 1st 2012. The Pilot commenced from September 21st 2011.

    Is the Project still operational : YES

    10 points that make the programme/project inn

    1. On Line Tracking of KSRTC Vehicles using State of the art GIS Maps for KSRTC officials.
    2. On lineTracking of KSRTC vehicles by the commuters
    3. Commuter Portal for Commuter access integrated to GIS Map
    4. SMS facility for tracking the bus by commuters. Route Based Search, Bus Stop Wise Search, enabled through SMS and an IVRS System(Yet to be implemented)
    5. ExpectedTime of Arrival of Buses predicted visible at GIS maps along with the PIS display Boards at Bus Stops
    6. In Bus Announcements and Textual Display English and Regional Language on a real time basis
    7. Two way Communication between Bus Crew (Drivers) and Data Center operators (Dispatchers, Traffic Controllers etc)

    List 5 achievements of the programme/project:

    1. Help enable a sustainable transportation fleet for KSRTC
    2. Help encourage commuters to use KSRTC Buses rather than personal vehicles
    3. Interest generated from various parts of India covered by JNURM for a similar system eg. UPSRTC
    4. Widely appreciated by users, UNDP and Ministry of Urban Development of the Union of India
    5. Better accident and breakdown management by the KSRTC staff

    List 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative and how they were overcome?

    1. Integrating the Vehicle Mounted Unit with existing bus infrastructure
    2. Stable GPRS Connectivity
    3. Integration of the H/W components (VMU, Display Boards etc) and S/W Components(Database, ITS application, GIS application)
    4. Expected Time of Arrival prediction for all Bus Stops in a route and accuracy within the threshold of +/- 2 mins
    5. Stakeholder management and Project management

    List 5 points on how the programme can serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    1. First of its kind of Intelligent Transportation Project in India
    2. The Successful Integration of In Bus Equipments, Display boards at Terminals and Station with real Time Information for commuters and public
    3. Announcement System inside buses along with Real Time Traffic Information
    4. Two Way communication with the Drivers (Bus Crew) and Central Control Station (Dispatchers, Traffic Controllers)
    5. While the nation invests in public transportation systems, there is an ardent need to make public transportation commuter friendly. Making information transparently available about the service is one of the means to achieve it

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative :

    1. We can enable ITS application on Cloud there by reducing capex in data centres of clients
    2. Integration Testing piece can be utilized for other such opportunities
    3. Training and development for the System Users (drivers, supervisory staff etc.) can be scaled for other regions too
    4. GIS Skill set can be utilized for similar frameworks
    5. KSRTC is already on its way to commence a similar system for additional 2000 buses within Karnataka state. The system is already scaling up

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