ICT Architecture for Municipalities

  • eWorld Forum Track: ICT for better Urban Future
    Title of Paper: ICT Architecture for Municipalities

    Author Name: Mr. Vancheeswar Balakrishnan


    Municipalities worldwide are the first and last point of contact for citizens for basic services. The onus for delivering and maintaining the quality of basic services vest with the Municipalities/Local Bodies. This aspect of basic services is growing to bring under its ambit various services that do not traditionally belong to the Municipality/Local Body Umbrella. The ICT enablement of a Municipality is now moving ahead from a pure B2C to an enabled B2B2C hub. ICT architectures for municipalities focus around the four principles of Municipal Governance with varying degrees of success. 1. Citizen Centric Service Delivery 2. Equitable distribution of Municipal Services 3. Efficient and Cost effective delivery /usage of Municipality Resources 4. Accountability Municipalities are expected to deliver these as part of their mandate. Municipalities’ focus around delivery of these functions is the prime consideration especially in developing economies. In developed economies the challenges are of a different nature. The ability to scale and adapt to the growth of municipalities and thus the mandates imposed on them is also another aspect that has been considered in relation to the ICT architecture. Municipalities in the modern world cannot subsist with mere provision of the services with the aforesaid objectives. Municipalities have to be enablers of growth and social development. The paradigm shift is towards enabling 1. Citizen to Customer Focus 2. Regional growth engine 3. Act as a Regional G2B collaboration engine 4. Enhance capability to deliver Value Added Services ICT has a great role to play in this venture. This paper makes an attempt to look at the evolving Municipality and the ICT Architecture that would enable this evolution. This paper attempts to describe the various architectural options and the needs that would be addressed for Municipalities ranging from small town to Metropolitan Municipalities.

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