Best Innovative initiative in Technologies for Higher Technical Education by way of imparting easy, effective and economic, e-education to youth from all over India especially rural youth, rural women and economically weaker section of society by making them technical compatible with the help of technologies like VOIP, Wi-Fi and higher speed internet facilities and smart class rooms :: Swami Parmanand Group of Colleges

  • Project Category: Best ICT-enabled Rural Development Initiative of the Year

    Details of Applicant

    Name: Yashwant Krishan Mittal
    Address: Vill. Jaulan Kalan, Lalru Distt. SAS Nagar Lalru
    City :  Lalru
    State: Punjab
    Country: India
    Zip Code: 140507

    Details of Project/Implementing Agency:

    Name of Organisation: Swami Parmanand Group of Colleges
    Address: 301, GNFC Infotower, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    City: Lalru
    State: Punjab
    Country: India
    Zip Code: 140507

    Name of the Head of Organisation: Dr. T.D. Sharma

    Brief description of the programme/project/initiative :

    Most of the population resides in rural areas, so transferring rural India into technically sound workforce is a challenge that must be focused educationists institutions which can impart technical education to youth and women from all state of India and in particular from Punjab.
    The Project basically lays emphasis on imparting quality education to students and providing solutions to every minutes problems through the use of high speed internet facility like VOIP Wi-Fi, Video and audio conferencing. It provides hardware and software innovations that enable IT based service connectivity in the rural area. This project helps the students by providing online lectures, tutorials and question bank for better understanding of the engineering subjects. Practical aspect of subjects is the point of focus for which audio-video aids, presentations and other facilities are used to make students tech savvy.

    Reason For Starting The Programme/Project/Initiative

    Technology plays vital role in expanding the scope of education. The institute aims to provide our students with digital contents, so that they are able to develop knowledge to compete in e-society. This is the time for generation change because of internet connectivity, technology & new software. Technologies are used to improve productivity and efficiency in students. Technological innovations and rapid economic growth have created demands of skilled workers. The Institute is making all round development through quality education.

    Objective of Programme/Project/Initiative

    Objective of the project is to train and nurture young minds to grow into creative individuals who can play valuable role in industry and society. Purpose of the project is to prepare new generation for becoming responsible technocrats who can meet the challengers of 21st century.

    Target Group:
    Youth from all over India including in particular from rural and backward areas, economically weaker section of Society.

    Please Specify Reach Within India : Village Jaulan Kalan, Lalru, Tehsil Derabassi, Distt. Mohali. Rural and remote village of Punjab

    Please Specify Reach Outside India: Youth from all over India in particular from Rural and Backward areas of Punjab including Economically Weaker Section of Society.

    Date from which the project became operational : 14 May 2004

    Is the Project still operational : Yes

    Highlight 10 innovations of the Project/Programme/Initiative :

    1. Mixture of online training and traditional classroom is used to create better approach of providing technical and vocational education to rural youth.

    2. Wi-Fi enabled libraries and hostel Blocks. The internet connectivity is of 12 Mbps which can be used to give internet connectivity to entire campus including hostel blocks.

    3. Computer labs are equipped in the state of art technology available to students with 4 : 1 students computer ratio.

    4. To improve the communication skills and for personality development of the students latest technologies and software are used audio video aids, both hardware and software innovation that enables IT based services through connecting in rural area.

    5. Students have access to digital Library.

    6. Empowered, encouraging and motivating rural woman for higher Technical education and making her economically stronger

    7. Conference rooms, Seminar halls are equipped with projectors for PPT presentation.

    8. On line lectures/tutorials/question banks of all engineering subjects have been uploaded for better understanding of the subject. Mobile alerts and blogs are used for various updates and correspondence

    9. Tie up with IIT Bombay for spoken Tutorial project in association with MHRD Govt. of India.

    10. Educating youth for conserving biodiversity and developing ecofriendly solutions. Making rural youth aware of current issues.

    List 5 achievements of the programme/project/initiative

    1. Group of Colleges has achieved glorious position by receiving various international and national awards which are :

    i) International Intellectual Achievement Award by Global Achiever Foundation.

    ii) Best upcoming Engg. College from Punjab awarded by India Achieve Podium.

    iii) Best Public Choice award for ICT enabled Higher Education Institute of the year 2011 by World Summit.

    iv) India Leadership Award for Education Excellence by India Economic Development & Research Association to our Treasurer Sh. Y.K. Mittal

    v) Best ICT enabled Higher Education institute of the year 2011 by e-India

    vi) Education Excellence Award 2012 for Best Upcoming Private Institution for Professional Course in Mohali Distt. Punjab by Big Research Brands Academy.

    vii) India Education Excellence Award for Best Upcoming Engineering Institute in Punjab by Survey Conducted by Time Research Media, New Delhi.

    2. Institutions of Swami Parmanand Group of Colleges have achieved academic excellence and  students are placed in the merit list of University.

    3. Generating jobs for the rural people and employment for the students from all over India and institute is placed no. 5 in all PTU affiliating institutions for placements.

    4. Assisting youth by providing knowledge along with imparting ethical human values for which institution is acting as nodal centre for such type of Faculty Development programmes.

    5. The Institute has functioned as Zonal centre from Punjab region for national event TECHKRITI’12 of IIT Kanpur.

    List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative and how they were overcome?

    1. Weak socio economic status of area

    2. Poor communication skills and English of students who were from non English medium stats by teaching effective communication skills.

    3. Maintaining Communal harmony among students are from diverse socio economic background from all over India.

    4. Training of students who are of rural and poor background by skill Development and vocational programming.

    5. To compete with nearby institute by providing better technological approach for producing high quality techno crate who can fit globally.

    List 5 Points on how the programme can served as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    1. The institute is imparting technical education to economical weaker section rural youth women of backward areas and youth from all over India.

    2. Various achievements of students in industry, academic performance and job placement.

    3. Various awards won by institute on national and international level.

    4. Providing e-literacy and making student skilled technocrats to compete in global market.

    5. Cordial student teacher relationship and maintenance of congenial atmosphere.

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

    1. Expert knowledge from different sources and areas can be acquired at one common platform through innovative technologies.

    2. By Emphasing quality education in different areas by adding vocational courses from time to time so that youth with poor economic background can be benefited.

    3. Part time courses are introduced at graduate and Post graduate level to educate working people.

    4. Students are provided on line resources in the form of subject notes, question banks to  help students residing in remote area.

    5. ATM and internet facilities are provided 24X7 to all the students and local people from surrounding villages to raise their comfort level.


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